New to Legacy

Welcome to Legacy Christian Church!

Thanks for stopping by the Legacy website!  We invite you to stay a while and look around.  You’ll find information here about our ministries, services and times, core values, beliefs, staff and more.  This site is designed to be informative and helpful.

By the time you’ve investigated it thoroughly you’ll have a pretty good idea what kind of church we are and that we put our energy and focus on Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  He is deserving of our worship and praise!

Legacy is a “Church focused on building completely committed followers of Christ.” Our desire is to introduce people to Jesus and help them grow in their relationship with Him.  So, we Learn from Jesus, Live with Jesus and Love like Jesus every day. To experience that on a deeper level, we invite you to come and worship with us on a Sunday morning soon.  We believe the best way to get to know any church is by attending a Sunday service. 

To help you understand what your experience might be like on a Sunday morning, watch this five minute video and read on to learn a little more about what to expect.

What to Expect on Sundays at Legacy Christian Church - Informational Video from Legacy Christian Church on Vimeo.

Important Information About Children and Youth

Childcare for infants and toddlers is available on the Children’s Ministry Hallway.  Children ages K-5th grade are welcome to stay with you during worship.  Just before the message they may be dismissed with our Children’s Ministry volunteers to attend a class or they may stay with you throughout the service.  Please let us help you by answering any questions you have about our Children’s Ministry.  Stephanie Davis is our Children’s Minister and can answer any question for you. 

To help our Middle School Youth have a meaningful time of teaching on Sunday mornings they are also dismissed just after the Offering to go to a class led by our Youth Minister, Chris Paschal.  Chris loves teaching the Middle School students and will make himself available to them just before it’s time to be dismissed.

We’re excited to have youth ages 9th-12th Grade worship with the adults!

Worship and Celebration…

At Legacy Christian Church our goal each Sunday morning is to worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  We do that throughout the morning in several different ways. 

…Through Praise and Singing

Our music is led by our Discipleship Minister and Worship Leader, Jesse Dukes.  This may be a little weird, but one of the things that you'll hear us say again and again is that our time of worship is NOT ABOUT YOU.  That's because it's ALL ABOUT OUR GOD!  You can go lots of places these days and have it be ALL about you, but our worship time on Sunday is not one of them.  Because of this, we don't have a set "style" of worship.  On any Sunday, you can expect to hear old songs and new songs, hymns, choruses, bluegrass, gospel, folk, rock, and anything else in between.  We believe that music is an incredibly powerful tool for worship, but we also know that it can be a distraction as well.  We can't promise to do the type of music you like or songs that you know, but we do promise to always offer up real and genuine praise from our platform.  And, so we invite you to join in, in whatever way is real and honest for you, with hands high, or with head bowed; with a loud song, or with quiet reverence; there's no wrong way to worship our God, as long as it comes from your heart.  

…Through Sharing Communion Together

The early church gathered on the first day of the week to break bread (Acts 20:7).  Following this Biblical example, we offer the Lord’s Supper each Sunday to all followers of Jesus.  As the trays are passed, please take the bread and drink from a cup.  If you’d like, you’re welcome to hold the elements until you’re ready to partake.  Please take time to mediate upon Jesus, Lord and Savior, remembering what He has done for you.  If you choose to hold the bread and cup, please dispense of the cup in a trash can after the service is over.  Membership at Legacy Christian Church is not required to take communion.

…Through Giving  

Our church is supported by the tithes (Biblical standard of 10% of a person’s income) and offerings of its members and regular attenders. Offering plates are passed after Communion every weekend.

…Through the Message

Each weekend our Senior Minister, Roy Roberson delivers a Biblical message that is designed to convict, encourage and challenge the heart of each person present.  Using relevant teaching and life application our goal is to preach and teach the whole counsel of God. That means we will discuss and teach the subjects in God’s word without hesitation or reservation, but we will do so in love.

…Through a Time of Decision for Prayer or to Accept Jesus

Sometimes after a worship service people feel convicted by the worship and message and have a desire to pray with someone because of an issue or concern in their life.  If you feel the need for prayer, we invite you to come forward at the end of the service and meet with the Minister who will pray with you or he can introduce you to someone who is trained to connect with you and assist you in your time of prayer.  The church should be a place of support and encouragement and that begins when we pray for one another. 

If you have decided to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are ready to be baptized into Him, you may come forward during the decision song at the end of the service.  The Minister will help you every step of the way.  If you feel uncomfortable coming forward during the service, you are welcome to see the Minister after the singing of the last song.  He will remain to visit with people who have a decision or need a time of prayer for themselves or their family.

If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, having been baptized into Him, and would like to become a part of the Legacy Christian Church family, please see the Minister during the Invitation Time or after the worship service.  We would love to talk with you a little more about the church, take your confession of faith and briefly have you fill out a Membership Form. 

…How To Become a Member of Legacy

Our membership requirements are the same terms the New Testament requires…faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God (Romans 10:9-10), repentance from sin, and a baptism by immersion (Acts 2:38).  Those who are already immersed believers are welcomed on the statement of their faith in Christ, their commitment to Him as immersed believers, and their desire to serve Him through our congregation.