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This SUNDAY @5pm, our students are hitting the road in teams (and competing with Fayetteville Christian Church!), to collect food for Thanksgiving Food Baskets that we are putting together Bloom Our Youth in Fayetteville.


Our students will load up in teams and go to people's homes (of people they know), and give a short list of items we are collecting. If they have them (and are willing to give them), they'll put it in their team's bin.


At the end of the night, each item goes towards Bloom Our Youth, AND those items also have a point value (positive or negative). Team at the end of the night with the most points WINS. MONEY ALSO COUNTS, too!!


Would you like to be a stop for a group? Let Jenn know, and we'll send a group your way!


It's a great night for our students... scavenger hunt and service project all wrapped up in ONE!

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