In an effort to keep everybody safe and respect the requests made by the President and our Governor, Legacy Christian Church has adopted the following guidelines and precautions for our “in-building” services: 


1. We have created two services: The 9:00AM service is for those adults and families with children above 12 years old. The 10:30AM service is for all ages.  Our goal here is allow those who may be more at risk to attend the 9:00AM service with fewer small children who may not fully understand the social distancing necessary for some of the attenders.

2. We are having a slightly abbreviated service (approximately 50 minutes) to allow for multiple services.

3. The sanctuary has been arranged in seating groups so that social distancing can be maintained.

4. The sanctuary and common areas including bathrooms will be sanitized before each service.

5. Doors will be propped open and remain open upon arrival and departure to avoid the need to touch the door handles. 

6. Communion baggies will be available in the lobby.  These communion baggies have been prepared with gloves and proper precautions.  Communion plates will NOT be passed around.

7. Offer plates will be available on tables/stands near the exit doors of the sanctuary.

8. We have purchased additional hand sanitizing stations that will be placed throughout the church.

9. A greeter will spray the hands of each person entering the building.

10. Bathrooms will have paper towels outside the door with a garbage can.  Paper towels can be used for opening the doors.

11. We are limiting the number of people in each service to the seating stations available.  If our attendance exceeds these seating stations, we will provide overflow seating in the lobby maintaining social distancing.  If attendance exceeds sanctuary and the lobby capacity, they may have to watch online.  If this persists, we will consider adding a third service. Good problems to have.


1. Don’t come to church if you feel sick or if you are in a high-risk category.

2. Maintain social distancing.

3. Masks and face coverings are optional for church attendees. 

4. Upon arrival, please make sure your hands are sprayed before entering. We ask that you pick up your communion baggies and find your seat right away.  

5. Upon dismissal, we ask that you make your way to your car in a timely manner.

6. Be patient.  This is new to everybody.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve the worship experience, please let us know. 

These guidelines and precautions are not being implemented out of fear.  Rather, we love you and want to be sensitive those who are at higher risk.  Our primary purpose of attending church is to worship the one true God.  We believe that if we remain focused on that, the rest will fall in place.


See you on Sunday! 


Legacy is an independent, Christian church located in Senoia, GA. We are committed to following Jesus, and building relationships both within and outside the church.

Sunday Service at 9 am and 10:30 am

Bible Studies throughout the week



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