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Dear parents,

The greatest task and calling that you will ever have is raising your children. What a joy and blessing from God our kids are to us. Kids are great but with great blessings comes great responsibility, to quote a line. 

As your child comes to an age where they begin to consider and understand their relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior, I know parents often wonder about what to say and what to do. At Legacy, we believe a child should not be baptized until they are at an age to understand the significance of their sin and the great value of Grace in Christ’s death on their behalf.

To help you prepare for this with your children, we are scheduling a kids baptism class. We will teach your children about the process and meaning of baptism and hopefully help you in this critical time in your home. Please note this is a decision that your child needs to make with your parental guidance, we are only here to help provide information and teaching around this time. 

With all of this being said, we want to invite you and your children to the next class. We will hold the class on Sunday, November 10th after church service. We will provide a simple lunch and begin the class with both parents and kids together. The parents will then go with one of our elders for an overview of what your kids are hearing in the class and even some advice on some situations you might face. 

The kids will stay in class with me and after about 45 minutes parents will rejoin the kids and we will wrap up. Then the class will be dismissed for this decision to be made at home as a family. 

If your child has been asking questions or if you would like them to be taught this material, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. There will be childcare activities available for your other children. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. It is our joy to partner with you in the most important job you will ever have. 

God bless your family,

Mrs. Niki and Pastor Dan


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