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This Coming Sunday: Oct. 15, 2021

Hello Church!  


Thank you.   I mean that so much, I'll say it again.  Thank you.  


You have chosen to be a part of the church here at Legacy Christian Church.  You take time to read our weekly updates, to serve in various capacities, and to worship with us on Sundays.  In a world where it seems that the choices before us are never ending, you have chosen to be a part of this body of Christ.  That means something, and I appreciate it.  


Last Sunday, I talked about the importance of Covenant, and this Sunday we will explore the New Covenant established by Jesus.  Like so many of the other topics we have addressed this year, the concept of the New Covenant is foundational to what Christians believe.  I'm so excited and ready to meet together for worship again.    

See ya soon!  



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