Current Prayer List 

  • David Morningstar- Prayer as he goes through testing and procedures. 

  • Hoarce Ipock- Prayers for continued improvement in health and surgery. 

  • Bob Martin- Prayers for continued healing. 

  • Vic Moreland- Prayers for continued healing, wisdom and comfort.

  • Amy Smithwick- Bruce and Toni Hebel's daughter who is extremely sick and struggling with late-stage Lyme disease causing complications. Prayers needed for complete healing. 

  •  Terry Brock- Terry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has begun his treatments and fight with the disease. Please pray for him and his family to have faith and courage. 

  •  Lisa Soehne is continuing to battle stage 3 bone cancer. Prayers for healing and peace.

  • Prayers for all those who are dealing with health issues.

  • All unspoken prayers

  • Prayers for us as a Church, our Pastors & our Elders.

  • Prayers for our Bible Study Groups & their prayer requests.

  • Prayers for our schools, community, county, state & federal government officials, our Senators & Congressmen, Judges, and our President.

  • Prayers for peace in our country, in our cities and in our lives.

  • Prayers for our military, police, fire fighters & emergency responders.

How can we PRAY for you? 

If you have a prayer request or need, please fill out form and we will begin to pray for you. Please let us know if we can contact you or if your request is to be kept private.