Current Prayer List 

  • Bo Anderson- Bo needs our prayers for continued healing and strength.  Please lift her and Roger up in prayers. 

  • Charles McCullough- Prayers for quick healing and successful surgery outcome. 

  • Abby Ponder- Abby is the daughter of a friend of Stacy and Jeff's. She is 19 and has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Prayers as she begins chemo on Dec. 7th.  She will have a port put in on Dec. 6. 

  • Randy Cave- Audrey Cordray's brother-in-law has stage 4 liver cancer. Prayers for guidance, healing, and strength during this time. 

  • Denny Bowen- She is going through treatment for breast cancer.  Prayers for a successful outcome. 

  • Prayers of salvation for all those unsaved. 

  • Prayers for all those who are struggling financially.  

  • Prayers for all those who have lost loved ones recently.

  • Those who are struggling with cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Prayers for all those who are dealing with health issues.

  • All unspoken prayers

  • Prayers for us as a Church, our Pastors & our Elders.

  • Prayers for our Bible Study Groups & their prayer requests.

  • Prayers for our schools, community, county, state & federal government officials, Senators & Congressmen, Judges, and our President.

  • Prayers for peace in our country, in our cities, and in our lives.

  • Prayers for our Military, police, firefighters & emergency responders.

How can we PRAY for you? 

If you have a prayer request or need, please fill out form and we will begin to pray for you. Please let us know if we can contact you or if your request is to be kept private.