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Current Prayer List 

  • Please remember the following people who are dealing with health issues: Beverly Cox, Gary Thornton, Jeanette Barfield, Jason Ortman, Lori Patton, Kenneth Goodrich and Margie Lentini. 

  • Robyn Miller- Her mother passed away this week. Prayers for Robyn and her family. 

  • Lisa Hensley was diagnosed with cancer. Prayers for God's healing and for her to have the courage and strength needed for the battle ahead. 

  • John Edwards in the tragic loss of his wife, daughter-n-law and the strength to deal with the fact that his son was responsible. 

  • Yvonne Williams - She has Lymphoma ( Friend of Kim Chitwwod). Prayers for healing and peace

  • Sharon Dauchot-Her health has declined.  She is now on hospice care. Please pray for peace and comfort for her and her family. (Friend of Stacy Fisher)

  • Luciano Meneses- Friend of Silas Martinez who cut off the tip of his finger first of December and help with controlling diabetes. 

  • Brian Kasier and family. Prayers for comfort in the passing of his Mother on Dec. 26th. 

  • Houston family- Prayers for comfort and peace in the tragic loss of Paighton. (Gerry Owens family)

  • All Unspoken prayers. 

How can we PRAY for you? 

If you have a prayer request or need, please fill out form and we will begin to pray for you. Please let us know if we can contact you or if your request is to be kept private. 


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