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lead pastor/discipleship elder
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The state of Georgia has been my home for most of my life.  I was born in Atlanta, raised in Woodstock, went to college in East Point, ministered in Carrollton, and now am thrilled to serve alongside the great people of Legacy in Senoia!  My wife, Jessie, and I lived in central Illinois for 6 years while in seminary before coming back to Georgia. 

Since Atlanta is my home, it was only natural that I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan.  I never get tired of talking about baseball, and while I enjoy most sports, baseball is my favorite.  Friends have even told me they would be hard pressed to find someone who has more (useless) Braves knowledge in their head than I have.  

My father, Lynn, and grandfather, John, both devoted their lives as ministers in the local church.  I have always been a part of the church and feel blessed that God has called me to serve as a minister.  While I like enjoy talking all things Braves baseball, I really get excited when I can help others take their next step in trusting and following Jesus.  Coke Zero is my beverage of choice and I think tomatoes are only useful to make pizza sauce and ketchup.   

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next-gen ministry assistant/
guest experience

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I grew up in Senoia and developed a love for it! I recently married my wife Celina and moved to Newnan, but I am super excited to be back in Senoia serving at Legacy!


I am a Point University student majoring in Biblical studies and preaching. I am very passionate about spreading the gospel to young people and kids in our community and having fun while doing it!


I also love to play music and eat pizza & Mountain Dew! 

financial manager / communications director
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I started working at Legacy in November 2017. Jeff and I met in high school in Colorado and married in 1988 at the old Newnan Square.  Being military, we have lived in several states, but have lived in Senoia since 2002 and have called Coweta/Fayette County home since 1988.


We have two grown children, Ashley and Tristan.  Ashley is married and lives in Newnan with her sweet husband Tim. Tristan lives and works here in Senoia.  


I have a BS in Business Management with 20+ years in medical/medical management and 15+ years in church/church management. My passion and my God-given gift is helping animals and their owners. I volunteer in multiple capacities with several rescues in the area. For over 8 years, I have walked dogs and cuddled cats at the shelter on Fridays. I love riding my horse, gardening and just being outdoors. 

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worship leader
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After being born in Virginia, living in Douglasville since I was five, and moving to Peachtree City during COVID-19, I am proud to call Legacy Christian Church home. I have three incredible sisters that all live locally now after a while of us being geographically distanced. I joined the worship team briefly while at Legacy while pursuing a Finance degree from Jacksonville State University. Once I had graduated, there was a need for an interim worship leader, which I gladly accepted. This offer eventually turned into an official position that I have held since the tail end of 2022. I am currently pursuing an MBA from LSUS and enjoy collecting retro video games and playing live music with my bandmates on the weekends. God has had a massive impact in my life, and I am grateful and thankful for all of the opportunities He has put in my path.

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I am a true Floridian (born, raised, and lived most of my life) but ready to take on Georgia life and eager for the adventure God's brought before us here at Legacy.


Brian (whom I met at youth group when I was 16) and were married in 2006 and have a ‘circus’ of our own. We have 4 children, and what circus is complete without a dog and a cat?


I attended and graduated from Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, Florida.


I love to be around kids and students helping them to discover the life changing message of Jesus Christ and helping them to become lifelong disciples of Him. The great thing about my role at Legacy is that I have the best of both worlds leading kids and teens. With kids you can use fun ways to teach them and celebrate Jesus (like with confetti or ooblek) and they don’t look at you like a weirdo.   Teens provide the opportunities for deeper theological discussions as they desire to dive deep in their own faith — where they’re branching off from the faith of their parents. 


I love Coca-Cola, confetti eggs, Chick-fil-A, frozen pizza (cooked of course!), and all sorts of sweets! (I’m really like a kid!)

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