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This Coming Sunday:  June 11, 2023

Hello Legacy!  


As you plan and prepare to come join us for worship this Sunday, I'd like to ask you to read Luke 5:27-32.  That passage is the story of Jesus calling Levi, also known as Matthew, to join his growing clan of disciples. 

The first two weeks of this study in Luke have been filled with miracles.   Jesus wants there to be no question that he is the Messiah of God.  He first is focused on making sure his disciples know this, and then turns his attention to the rest of the world.    No matter where we are, Jesus is seeking us and asking us to join in his mission to seek and save the lost.  Lost people become found people who journey with Jesus to find more lost people.   

At Legacy, we are blessed with Christians who deeply love Jesus and want to see the Kingdom expanded.  God has allowed us to be in this community to reach people who are far from God.  In this world it is easy to become distracted, but our task is to stay focused on the main mission of Jesus.  

See you Sunday! 


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